Prepare to be amazed by the TM7S, a true gem from the TM AI Cobot S series that will revolutionize your production line! Immerse yourself in unparalleled efficiency and witness a remarkable reduction in cycle time. The TM7S is a master of versatility, effortlessly tackling a vast array of tasks. From the magical realm of 3D bin picking to the intricate art of assembly, labeling, pick & place, PCB handling, polishing & deburring, quality inspection, screw driving, and an ever-expanding list of feats, the TM7S excels at them all. Step into a realm of limitless possibilities and redefine the boundaries of productivity and success. Join forces with the TM7S, where innovation meets inspiration, and greatness awaits your every command!

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700 mm


7 kg


22.9 kg


Assembly, Machine Tending, Packaging and Palletizing, Pick & Place, Quality Testing, Smart Assembly and Insertion, Surface Finishing



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