Streamline Your Operations Like Never Before.

TM Palletizing Operator

Revolutionizing packaging efficiency.

By seamlessly integrating Palletizers into your operations, you’ll unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency. Say goodbye to manual labor constraints and embrace a future where your team can focus on strategic endeavors that truly leverage their skills and expertise.

Streamline Your Operations

Embrace a smarter future, today.

Don’t let manual tasks hold you back—let cobots handle the heavy lifting while you focus on what truly matters.

Where can you use them?

Your perfect work companion.

Electronics Companies

Experience consistent and efficient palletization, minimizing errors and product damage.

Metal Fabrication Industries

Embrace automation that optimizes space utilization, enhances warehouse organization, and ensures rapid retrieval of items.

Food And Beverage Industries

Eliminate manual labor, increase throughput, reduce errors, and maintain product integrity from production lines to distribution centers.

Pharmaceuticals And Supermarkets

Our palletizers offer unparalleled precision, ensuring flawless stacking, labeling, and organization.

Why Cobots?

Revolutionize your palletizing operations today.

Maximize savings

Automating palletizing cuts costs by reducing product life cycle and packaging expenses.

User-friendly interface

Easy-to-use interface for offline pallet pattern deployment.

Free up workforce

Free workers from physical tasks to focus on more productive responsibilities.

Automatic height adjustment

Adjust height based on pallet position with a telescope pillar for precision.

Enhance adaptability

Our solution's user-friendly design allows easy repositioning for operational changes.

Industry 4.0 compatibility

Compatible with Industry 4.0 standards for warehouses, food processing, logistics, and manufacturing.

Ensure uninterrupted operations:

Cobots work tirelessly year-round to ensure smooth operations.

Versatile applicability

From warehouses to food processing and logistics management.

Rapid redeployment

Easily reallocate cobots with our programming service, saving time.

Efficiency and customization

Customizable via the pattern editor for specific user needs and efficient operation.


Say hello to a new era of efficiency.

Collaborative robots (cobots) are robots or robot-like equipment that are designed to safely work directly alongside human workers to complete a task that cannot be fully automated

Cobots are different from industrial robots in that they do not require fences or barriers to separate them from human workers. Cobots are also more user-friendly, flexible, and efficient than industrial robots23.

Cobots can benefit packaging and palletizing operations by automating repetitive and tedious chores, improving quality and safety, and saving time and money. Cobots can also adapt to changing operational needs and work non-stop when needed4.

Techman Robots are cobots that have a built-in vision system, a user-friendly interface, a high payload capacity, and a wide range of applications. Techman Robots are distributed by Cobot Intelligence Inc in Canada.

You can contact Cobot Intelligence Inc by visiting their website, calling our phone number +1(416) 642-1660, or emailing us at