Efficiency & Precision Redefined.

Pick & Place + Assembly

Precision at every move.

These agile robots turbocharge productivity, slashing cycle times and skyrocketing output. With their advanced sensors and meticulous programming, they execute flawless placements, elevating product quality to extraordinary levels.

Let robots handle complex operations quickly and accurately for maximized production efficiency and reduced human error.

Streamline Your Operations

Embrace a smarter future, today.

Don’t let manual tasks hold you back—let cobots handle the heavy lifting while you focus on what truly matters.

Where can you use them?

Your perfect work companion.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

These robots handle delicate components, ensuring accurate placement on circuit boards, and optimizing production efficiency.

Packaging and Assembly

Precise and hygienic, pick and place cobots streamline the sorting and placement of products in containers or onto conveyors.

Food And Beverage Industries

Cobots can boost packaging and sorting in the food and beverage industry, with accurate product placement, improved hygiene compliance, and increased productivity.

Automotive and Parts Manufacturing

From sensors to connectors and fasteners, these cobots excel at precise component handling, accelerating production speed and enhancing assembly accuracy.

Electronics Companies

From PCB assembly to small component handling, soldering, and quality control, assembly cobots ensure optimal performance.

Pharmaceuticals And Supermarkets

Assembly robots aid in intricate part assembly, precise dosage dispensing, and rigorous product testing for enhanced compliance.

Why Cobots?

Revolutionize your Pick & Place operations today.

Efficiency amplified

Optimize pick and place operations with versatile cobots for maximum productivity.


Flexible scaling for pick and place needs, from small to large volumes.

Safety without compromise

Cobots prevent strain and injuries, promote ergonomics by assisting with lifting and repetitive motions.

Quick deployment

Intuitive interfaces and user-friendly setups speed up deployment and integration into workflows.

Effortless mastery

Simple interfaces and programming to achieve your operation's fullest potential.

Collaborative work environment

Cobots promote safe collaboration in the workplace without extensive safety measures.

Flexibility and adaptability

Cobots easily adapt to different products for seamless pick and place tasks

Enhanced productivity

Increase productivity by integrating and freeing up operators.

Why Cobots?

Revolutionize your assembly operations today.

Maximize productivity

Streamline assembly processes for higher efficiency and output.

Scalability made seamless

Adapt to changing production demands effortlessly.

Precision perfected

Achieve flawless assembly with exceptional accuracy.

Consistency and quality assurance

Ensure uniform product quality and brand reputation.

Cost-saving automation

Reduce labor costs and eliminate human errors.

Flexibility for diverse tasks

Program robots to handle various assembly needs.

Enhanced safety

Protect your workforce by handling hazardous and repetitive tasks.

Lightning-fast cycle times

Speed up assembly and increase overall productivity.


Say hello to a new era of efficiency.

Collaborative robots (cobots) are robots or robot-like equipment that are designed to safely work directly alongside human workers to complete a task that cannot be fully automated

Cobots are different from industrial robots in that they do not require fences or barriers to separate them from human workers. Cobots are also more user-friendly, flexible, and efficient than industrial robots.

Techman Robots are cobots that have a built-in vision system, a user-friendly interface, a high payload capacity, and a wide range of applications. Techman Robots are distributed by Cobot Intelligence Inc in Canada.

You can contact Cobot Intelligence Inc by visiting their website https://cobotintel.com/, calling our phone number +1(416) 642-1660, or emailing us at info@cobotintel.com