Cobot Aftercare

We understand that investing in cobots is a significant decision for your business, and our comprehensive aftercare program is designed to make sure it’s worth it.

aftercare program

We set you up for success.

Ongoing Technical Support

A technician representative will be assigned to you and providing your with timely assistance with any issues or challenges you may encounter while using cobots

Professional Training

Our team of industry experts will hold professional training sessions in your premises so you have the knowledge to make the most out of your cobots.

Coverage for Your Investment

Each purchase comes with a complementary 1-year warranty by Techman. You can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected against unexpected issues and defects.

Installation and Integration

We deliver the purchased products to your establishment and help you set them up, making sure they are well integrated into your production lines or work environments.

Streamline Your Operations

Embrace a smarter future, today.​​

Don’t let manual tasks hold you back—let cobots handle the heavy lifting while you focus on what truly matters.


Say hello to a new era of efficiency.

Collaborative robots (cobots) are robots or robot-like equipment that are designed to safely work directly alongside human workers to complete a task that cannot be fully automated

Cobots are different from industrial robots in that they do not require fences or barriers to separate them from human workers. Cobots are also more user-friendly, flexible, and efficient than industrial robots.

Techman Robots are cobots that have a built-in vision system, a user-friendly interface, a high payload capacity, and a wide range of applications. Techman Robots are distributed by Cobot Intelligence Inc in Canada.

You can contact Cobot Intelligence Inc by visiting their website, calling our phone number +1(416) 642-1660, or emailing us at