About Cobot Intelligence

Cobot Intelligence Inc. specializes in the distribution, servicing and training of Techman robots in USA and Canada. We offer services to both commercial and industrial clients. Our products such as the Techman Robot (TM Robot) offer smart-simple-safe solutions to clients with production needs. In addition to our distribution specialist, our factory certified technical team will help train staff and guide them through the implementation process.


Judy Chang, the Global Sales Director at Techman Robot, Inc., commented on the partnership, “We choose Cobot Intelligence as our partners in Canada for twofold reasons. One, they are a critical step for TM Robot to penetrate the Canadian market. Two, Cobot Intel is synonymous with quality products and services. We couldn’t have found a better distributor and provider for TM ROBOT’s CoBots. The company is one more step in our journey to expand the availability of TM manufactured cobots. We have complete faith in Cobot Intel’s unique position as cobot distributors in Canada. No other partnership would have been more welcomed.”

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