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Techman Robot

Techman Robot is a company that specializes in automation solutions using collaborative robots (cobots) with built-in vision systems and AI technology. Their cobots can perform various tasks in different industries, such as electronics, machining, and automotive manufacturing. Their cobots are equipped with “AI Vision” technology, which allows them to sense their environment and people they work with. Their cobots are cost-effective, flexible, and safe for smart manufacturing.

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FerRobotics is a company that specializes in developing and distributing robotic tools that can sense and adjust to the surface they are working on. The company’s products use Active Compliant Technology, which enables robots to apply constant force and achieve high-quality results in various surface finishing applications.

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ARS S.r.l. is a company that specializes in automation and robotics, offering flexible parts feeding systems for industrial robots and cobots. Their patented product, FlexiBowl®, can feed and load various types of parts with high efficiency and speed. The company has more than 30 years of experience and serves customers in over 40 countries.

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Cobotracks is a company that provides solutions to extend the capabilities of collaborative robots (cobots) by enabling them to move along a linear track. Cobotracks has developed the Linear Motion Kit and the Linear Motion Axis, which are compatible with different brands of cobots, such as Universal Robots. Cobotracks aims to help customers achieve more efficiency and flexibility in their industrial applications.

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