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Training resources

We make operations easy for you.

In-house Training

Certified with Techman official service training , the Cobot team will visit your operation and teach your team the basic fundamentals on how to operate the cobots.

Digital Resources

You have full access to our online training resources, including videos and handouts, to help you make the most of your robots.

Online Training

We offer flexible online training sessions to cater to different users' schedules and pace of learning.

Our Promise

Efficiency redefined.

We believe in cobots’ power to transform the manufacturing industry by optimizing operations, improving efficiency, and enhancing safety. Our goal is to help businesses unlock the full potential of cobots by providing high-quality, reliable, and affordable automation solutions.

Amplified safety features, creating optimal cobot-human cooperation.
Fast deployment with an intuitive user interface.
Better safety through ergonomic design.
The pioneers of collaborative robots.

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