Prepare to be amazed by the TM20, the crown jewel of our AI robot series, boasting an awe-inspiring higher payload capability. With its increased capacity of up to 20kg, it effortlessly scales the heights of robotic automation, unlocking unparalleled throughput increases for even the most demanding and heavy-duty applications. Meticulously designed for massive pick-and-place tasks, heavy machine tending, and high-volume packaging and palletizing, the TM20 reigns supreme. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in almost all industries. Witness the power of the TM20 as it revolutionizes automation and propels your efficiency to new horizons.

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1300 mm


20 kg


32.8 kg


Assembly, Machine Tending, Packaging and Palletizing, Pick & Place, Quality Testing, Smart Assembly and Insertion, Surface Finishing



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