Get ready to experience the extraordinary TM14S, a mighty contender from the TM AI Cobot S series! Brace yourself for a surge in production efficiency and a remarkable reduction in cycle time on your production line. The TM14S is a versatile warrior, ready to take on an array of tasks with precision and finesse. Whether it’s conveyor tracking, machine tending, welding, packaging, palletizing, PCB handling, polishing & deburring, or countless other endeavors, the TM14S excels at them all. Embrace the power of innovation and witness how the TM14S propels your business to new heights of success and prosperity. Step into a future filled with boundless possibilities alongside the remarkable TM14S!

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1100 mm


14 kg


33 kg


Assembly, Machine Tending, Packaging and Palletizing, Pick & Place, Quality Testing, Smart Assembly and Insertion, Surface Finishing



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