CobotIntel’s TM Palletizing Operators: Giving Competitive Edge

The one industry where collaborative robots are undeniably helpful is packaging. The sector makes use of pallets to send and receive goods which means businesses have to employ workers to load and unload them. The chore is tedious, repetitive, and if the weight is considerable, then ergonomically hazardous.

Robots, or more specifically cobots, make a clear and wondrous solution. The TM Palletizing Operator is the best choice because it integrates with your systems and assembly to augment:

  • Reach
  • Functionality

Built to perform actions like palletizing and cartonizing, the cobot utilizes a Smart GUI to plan and design the stacking of products on station in less than 60 seconds. By automizing and customizing solutions, the TM cobot streamlines two operations:

  • Packaging
  • Palletizing

The collaborative arms eradicate the need for appointing operators to perform:

  • Repetitive work
  • Heavy lifting
  • Menial tasks

The Paybacks Of Cobots In Packaging and Palletizing Operations

  • By automating palletizing, the business saves money by alleviating a shortened product life cycle and product packaging expenses.
  • The cost of operations decreases radically.
  • Free workers from performing tasks that require heavy lifting.
  • Give human employees the time to on more productive responsibilities and essential chores.
  • The small size and negligible weight allow them to be quickly repositioned if the flow of operation alters.
  • When production or sale is high, the cobots can work non-stop to ensure that operations do not take a hit.
  • Rapid redeployment to new services using the programming service.

Cobots in Packaging and Palletizing Industry

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