Trends of smart manufacturing in 2019

Micropsi Industries is a robotic software company that produces predictions to the technologies that affect manufacturing and industrial robots in 2019. The industrial robots are provided with more sensors, easy to program and can perform dangerous tasks. The data and sensor technology are invested by the industry from the past few years, now applies advanced analytics and Al to factories. Self-driving cars and autonomous devices use the application of Al. Al application is used in boats, drones and other ground moving vehicles used in mining, agriculture, exploration, etc.

New companies have entered the robotic market supplying more robots with wide varieties. The industrial manufacturers are having large choices of machines- some are generalist robots and others are task-specific. These robots have fundamental factors such as speed, reliability, precision, safety, and ease of use. Today’s robots are having a programmable platform used for various new applications. In the new kind of infrastructure, the companies are investing in recognition. The automated cars require more laser scanners to navigate roads and streets. The sensors help the robots to navigate and get details for the humans.

Cameras are also used to support control tasks and precision. Laser scanners are the sensors used as a virtual cage to shut down robots before coming in contact with the humans. The capacitive skins are wrapped around robots to stop the robotic movements surrounding humans. More companies are improving the products of the logistics value chain which includes intelligent warehouses, self-driving trucks, and service robots. Several sensors are used to capture the data and improve quality.

New ways are improving the workflow and reduce 68% of errors caused by humans. There is evidence of robots in designing parts of a rocket and building houses. The robot chefs are on the rise for preparing pizza and cooking dinner. In the year 2019, we have entered a new age of automated kitchens, all of which are designed to improve efficiency in real-time.

Even though the initial investment is intimidating, you can soon experience all the advantages. An automated robot can work at the same speed without any sleep, breaks and ultimately produce more in a short time when compared to humans. Applications are carried out with high repeatability and precision. The robots are very accurate that there is a reduction in waste and time and thus the cost attracts the customers. Robots have increased safety in the workplace. With robots, the speed is increased and thus the production also increases.

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