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In today’s fast-paced environment, there aren’t many who are not aware of what a robot is. The word “Robotics” has reached even the toddler who has just been enrolled in school. Such is the ubiquitous nature of the robot.

Hence, the robot itself does not need a special introduction. What actually needs to be given importance are the tools and accessories that go into making a robot what it is.

In this article, we aim to elaborate on the diverse range of tools and accessories that play a crucial role in the functioning of a robot efficiently aiming to assist in Industrial growth and Business development in the USA.

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Importance of Intelligent Robotic Tools

Robots are, undoubtedly, the ultimate automation creations. But the capacity of a robot is limited when it functions without the necessary paraphernalia that makes it a highly intelligent engineering marvel.
The robotic tools and accessories play an enormous role in maximizing the automation value of a robot. A robot senses, acts and functions when fitted with advanced tools within a smart manufacturing environment.
Adding to that is computer connectivity that catapults the capacity of a robot to new levels.

Smart Tools For Smarter Robots

It is imperative to select the right tools in correspondence to the part of the robot in question. The role of tools extends beyond it being just an additional feature on a robot. Tools enhance the innovation, precision and expertise in an automated environment.

EOAT or End-Of-Arm Tooling Devices

EOAT’s are tools that are fixed at the end of robotic arms. They are also called end-effectors. The best examples of EOAT’s are :

  • Robotic Grippers
  • Welding and soldering tools
  • Material removal tools
  • Robotic Grippers

    Robotic grippers are highly popular for their flexibility. They are considered the best EOAT choice by most of the Industrial units in the US. Robotic grippers come in various configurations that include finger-like frippers, jaws, pliers, and claws. Grippers make the following functions incredibly easy and fast for a robot:

    • Picking and placing
    • Moving parts in and out of rack pallets
    • Accurately positioning items
    • Fixing or screwing parts into place

    Welding And Soldering Tools

    A robotic welder and solderer are highly efficient and quicker than their manual counterpart. The welding tool can pack a punch with its own set of accessories. They comprise of :

    • Nozzle reamer
    • Neck Alignment Jig
    • Airblast
    • Seaming track
    • Gas control device

    Other welding tools that hold equal importance are :

    • TIG
    • MIG
    • Laser welding tools
    • Soldering Irons
    Cobots demo at Automation Express Event conducted by cobot intel

    Material Removal Tools

    Material removal tools are what enable a robot to perform functions that need precision and accuracy. The material removal applications of a robot include grinding, cutting, deburring, polishing, sanding and routing. Robots can handle anything, from scraping away grit from steel, to delicately polishing a diamond.

    The utilization of material removal tools in a robot comes with plenty of advantages:

    • Workers can stay away from dust and fumes.
    • Material removal tools are designed to repeat tasks with consistent precision. Hence, this ensures that the end-product has the same, durable, high-quality finish.
    • It reduces expenditure on consumables. This means that they undergo less wear and tear in comparison to what a human will undergo if he does the same job.
    • Automation reduces the risk of strain injuries that can occur due to repetitive trimming and deburring actions.

    Resourceful Robotic Accessories

    Demonstration of Cobots in Toronto-ADM-Expo by Cobot Intel

    The number of robotic accessories available in today’s market will leave wide-eyed with surprise. Fitted with accessories, the robots create impressive results with enhanced productivity and profitability.
    The accessory technology is also rapidly evolving to allow room for constant innovation as a need for higher productivity drives the demand.

    So, what are the latest accessories that can double or triple the features of a robot?

    • Sensors
    • Torque sensors
    • Lasers sensors
    • 2D or 3D cameras
    • Quick change systems
    • Rotatory feed-throughs
    • Force sensors
    • Compensation units
    • Insertion units
    • Protection modules

    Of the plethora of available accessories, torque sensors, force sensors and laser sensors play a crucial role in maintaining the precision and accuracy that robots are so well-known for.

    Crucial Robot Sensors

    In a robot, the sensors are its eyes and ears. They help with the estimation of the surrounding environment. Connected to a controller, these sensors are absolutely vital to keep the robot functioning to its maximum capacity.

    Type of Sensors And Their Role

    • Light sensors- they detect light and create a voltage difference.
    • Sound sensors- it refers to the microphone which allows the robot to navigate based on the sound.
    • Temperature sensor-detects even minute changes in the temperature.
    • Contact sensors-refers to push button switches or tactile bumpers that allow the cobots to abruptly halt when touched by humans.
    • Proximity sensor- has the ability to detect the presence of nearby objects.
    • Distance sensor- also known as range sensor suited for measuring distances.
    • Pressure sensors- used to detect changes in pressure.
    • Tilt sensor-used to measure the tilt angle of an object.

    Role Of Vision Cameras

    Cameras allow for more angles and vantage points while keeping an eye on the whole operation of a robot. They also detect flaws and technical issues. Robots involved in the quality checking process utilize cameras to detect products with even the slightest flaw.

    Internet, Remote-Access And Smart Electronics

    It is no big surprise that robots are highly dependent on electronics and remote-access. The internet, on the other hand, only enhances the efficiency and functionality of the robot. Providing access for a robot to the internet helps with:

  • Maintenance
  • Tracking of repairs
  • Data-transmission
  • Tracking errors
  • Tracking speed and wait time.
  • Role Of Accessories In ™ Robot

    A range of accessories has been in the US market for collaborative robots like Techman Robots. These Techman robot accessories will serve a variety of services and can be customized for each industry. There are several accessories for Techman Robots that are available in the United States.

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