The need for Flexible Holding System in Cobots

Before we delve into an analysis of the Flexible Holding Systems in Cobots, we need to know what a “Cobot” is.
The word “cobot” is coined from the term “Collaborative Robot.” Of course, we all know what a robot is. But what is a Cobot?

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Understanding Cobots

A Cobot is a robot that shares workspace alongside human beings. They are specifically designed to support and help their “co-worker.”

We live in an industrial age and time where robots are silently taking over many avenues in the manufacturing sectors in the US. As much as they are omnipresent and omnipotent, robots sometimes entirely replace human resources in the work area.

A Cobot, on the other hand, works in a symbiotic environment with its human “colleague.”

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Attractive features of the Cobot

The Cobot comes with some advantageous features that are a clear indication of why they are the preferred choice in a wide range of Industrial sectors in the USA.

  • Cobots assist with dangerous or strenuous work.
  • They create a protected and efficient working environment without replacing humans.
  • Cobots are easily programmable than industrial robots.
  • Cobots perform mundane, repetitive jobs, thus giving employees time for meaningful tasks.
  • Cobots are designed with sensors that allow them to abruptly halt their work if humans are in close proximity.
  • Cobots are easier to operate and maintain.

Vital Accessories for Collaborative Robots

As Cobot technology advances on a daily basis, the need for better, more dynamic, robust, and ergonomic accessories is on the riseacross the globe mainly in the US.

Cobots are equipped with a multitude of accessories that are crucial for their effective functioning. Here’s a look at some of the accessories of a cobot:

  • 3D Mouse Move
  • Arm Clamp
  • Flexible Part Feeder
  • Aflex
  • Torque Sensor
  • Manual Tool Changer
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Joystick Application
  • Lift kit
  • Protective covers
  • Conveyors
  • Flexible Holder Systems
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What are Flexible Holder Systems?

The Flexible Holding System of FHS is a unique tubular system that is used as a routing tool for cobots that come without mounting options for attachments.
It consists of two different bodies and three different types of attachments with a Velcro strip.

Advantages of a Flexible Holder System

  • Ensures friendly and safe mounting
  • Provides a secure hold
  • Flexible to fit on conical or straight structures
  • Fits on various surfaces, diameters, and profiles

Types of Flexible Holder Systems and their features

Flexible Holder Systems from TM Accessories In The USA

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