Cable Management- An Essential Cobot Accessory

The “Cobot” or the Collaborative Robot is a fine example of human ingenuity. At a time when robots are playing a key role in the world of automation, the underlying worry that they might, one day, totally replace humans is undeniable.

The cobot holds the power to change such a scenario. Designed to work alongside humans on the manufacturing floor, the cobot is extremely useful in more ways than one.

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Understanding The Importance Of Cables In A Cobot

Its is imperative that we understand what a cable is before we discuss the importance of cable management.

What is a cable?

Any piece of wiring that connects electrical devices can be called a cable. As in the case of robots or cobots, it is the cable that links the robot tool to the robot controller.

A cable that is used in cobots comes with the following components:

  • Two wires for electricity
  • Two wires for communication
  • An exposed, bare wire
  • Protective shield

Every single component has a crucial role to play in the mechanism of a cobot. Without these flexible cables, cobots cannot do their unique twists and turns that are imperative functions of their working modes. For a cobot to do its 360 degrees or 180-degree twists and turns, the cables have to work to maximum precision and efficiency.

This is what makes cable management a crucial task that cannot be overlooked.

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Understanding The Basics Of Cable Management

Our dependency on cobots has grown over the years. And cable management has become more imperative than ever. The principle idea of cable management is to position them in a proper manner so that their efficiency is enhanced to move with the speed of the robot.

Technical problems of bad cable management

Underestimating the importance of cable management is a common blunder that causes unnecessary troubles that can end up with the loss of time and money.

  • Tangled and corkscrewed cables
  • Breakage of cables
  • Interference with the machine
  • Excessive protective coverings cause stress on cables.
  • Restriction of free movement of cables.
  • Simple Ways To Optimize Cable Management

    TM Robot working process

    There are more complex ways to deal with cable management. But it will be wiser to first have an idea of what the simple techniques are. There are simple do’s and dont’s that, if followed on a daily basis, eliminates a multitude of headaches that arise due to careless cable management.

    Here are some prudent and quick-thinking solutions to handle complex cables for robots:

    • Following the natural curvature of the cable
    • Avoiding pinching the cable with extra tags
    • Avoiding too many protective coverings.
    • Attaching a zip-tie to the robot frame
    • Making a loop with a zip-tie for cables to slide through
    • Using Velcro to fasten cables to strategic places
    • Using fabric sleeves like neoprene to create a sleeve around the robot frame
    • Covering cable segments with minimal dress packs

    Cable Management Made Easy

    Robotic engineers in the USA and other technically advanced countries like the USA are adapting to dynamic ways to approach cable management. It is better known as the “less is more” approach that is considered the best practice by engineers and integrators.

    What is the “less is more” approach?

    Here, the TM accessories include cables, hosings, tubings, connectors and carriers in three separate sections. This cable management system is designed for six-axis robots. So, the key here is to understand the three separate sections.

    The Three Segments Of The Six-Axis Robots

    Additional Tips For Cable Management

    • Keep in mind that total hose and cable diameters do not exceed 60% of the carrier diameter.
    • It is mandatory to have a 10% clearance between hoses and cables.
    • Ensure there is enough space for free movement of hoses inside the carrier.

    Cobot accessories in the USA are available a number of manufacturers who are well- known for their high-quality products. For more information on cobot accessories in the USA gets connected with us. Drop a mail or give us a call!

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