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The robotic technology is constantly evolving, and so is the need to enhance productivity and overcome the barriers in the manufacturing environment. Several industrial robot accessories have been developed to cater to this need. The accessory technology is also making headway to address the growing demand for innovative solutions to perk up productivity levels.

Collaborative robots are replacing industrial robots in many operations. However, collaborative robots have limited mounting options for attachments. This is where our techman accessories play a significant role.

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 Different jobs can be taken care of with varying combinations of tools and accessories, combined with computer connectivity to enable communication with machines from a control room through specific software. This feature is a great value add for manufacturers and integrators as this provides them to tailor the cobot functions by creatively mixing and matching to achieve enhanced capabilities.

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Empowering Robots with TM Robot Accessories

Collaborative Robots or cobots come in various sizes, with different payload capacities, maximum reach distances, and operating speeds. Most cobots are compact enough to be mounted on a workbench or a study cart. They can often be customized and integrated into the manufacturing environment using tools and accessories. TM Cobot Accessories such as vision cameras, suction cups, grippers and welding tips are easily mountable on cobots, providing them new capabilities for different functions.

The advancement in accessories and technology has been rewarding as they now find applications in other industries such as agriculture, food service and many more. Thanks to their compact size and safety aspects, cobots are used in different environments.

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