TM Palletizing Operator​

High flexibility, User-Friendly and Efficient Palletizer

CobotIntel’s TM Palletizing Operators

Giving Competitive Edge

The one industry where collaborative robots are undeniably helpful is packaging. The sector makes use of pallets to send and receive goods which means businesses have to employ workers to load and unload them. The chore is tedious, repetitive, and if the weight is considerable, then ergonomically hazardous.

TM Robot waiting for next work allocation from his instructor

The TM Palletizing Operator

Why Such Huge Popularity?
From small business to big multinational, there are a plethora of companies that either receive or send packages. At times, they perform both with goods. Assigning the work to human workers is a waste of resources and opening them to risks of injury. This is where cobots stepped in and saved the day. They perform the same functions reliably, quicker, and with safety. These three qualities made collaborative robots hugely popular not just for packaging but palletizing too.

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The Paybacks Of Cobots In Packaging and Palletizing Operations

The reasons TM Palletizing Operator is the preferred choice for the industry are multifold:
Cost Effective High Performing Reliable
Compact Safe Flexible
Space Efficient

Cobots in Packaging and Palletizing Industry

The Where?

A part of the list of industries where the Palletizing Operator is applicable is:

Practically, the cobot can be put to use anywhere because they can carry small products, big items, small quantities, and large quantities. Over and above, the cobot is designed to handle hard and fragile goods. For example, they pick and stack a tray of eggs as carefully as a carton of nails. The six-axis system in-built in the collaborative robots allows them to support any weight with which they are loaded.

Pallets are used in industry worldwide to improve space and workflow. A company who wants to be the leader in the field must take a step further and differentiate. Cobots make for the quickest and safest method of adding an advantage to your operations by enhancing palletization and depalletization.

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