Efficient Grippers for Techman Collaborative Robots

We offer extensive portfolio of Gripping Solutions in Canada & USA

Techman Robots

Providing Technology Solutions To Industrial Automation

Techman Robots are the leading collaborative robot technology company providing robotic technology solutions to industries worldwide. With several years of experience and expertise in Cobot technology, we are committed to delivering smart solutions for your industrial automation needs. Our experts are on a mission to render the best-in-class robotic solutions that can increase your efficiency and productivity

Cobot Intelligence Inc., being designated by the company Techman Robots as their authorized distributor of TM Robots in the USA. We also provide Techman Robots and its Accessories in Canada as well.

TM Cobots and Grippers – Partners with Benefits

Unique end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) like grippers are a critical aspect of cobots. Take a look at how our grippers come with some exclusive benefits.

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Flexible for Redeployment

Cobots save multiple programs on their teach pendants and can respond to changing needs. Our collaborative EoAT can work effectively with such cobots and can perform several robotic applications with simple plug and play procedure.

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Easily Programmable

Our collaborative grippers are easy to program using the same interface as the cobots that use them. Do you employ cobots along with other light industrial robots? Try our specially designed tooling that can be used on both platforms.

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TM grippers pose no threat to humans and can collaborate safely with them. These have been assessed carefully for risks and adhere to the international safety standards for robotic devices.

Techman Grippers - Safe, Smart and Reliable Tooling Solutions


RG Grippers

Get higher RoI with our plug and produce grippers. Simple programming. Faster installation, reducing deployment time. Used in machine-tending, packaging and palletizing applications.

Grippers on collaborative robots

Weiss Robotics

Gripkit Series

Gripping modules to realize handling & manipulation tasks. GRI KIT is available as servo electric or smart pneumatic version. Highly sensitivity electric grippers to optimally match the handling task at ease.


Adaptive Grippers

Efficient automation solution for precision assembly lines. Best suited for industrial jobs like automatic part detection, position feedback and part validation.

Collaborative Robot Gripper


HRC Grippers

Comes with flexible positioning of gripper jaws with a self-locking mechanism ideal for safe handling. Armed with 360° LED status indicator with different drive modes – Force mode, position mode, pre-positioned force mode.

Intelligent and Safe Cobot Grippers

Share your requirements for TM Grippers. We shall guide you with the best gripper solution that fits for your Techman Robots .

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