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Meet the Cobots

Cobot Intelligence Inc. specializes in the distribution, servicing & training of Techman Robots in Canada & USA. Our products, namely the TM Robots, offers smart-simple-safe solutions to production needs.


Cobots are deployable in a plethora of sectors in the United States of America, from machine tending to quality inspection to tasks that necessitate a sense of touch.

Repetitive tasks are dull and dangerous tasks for humans. The risk of injury is high, and the chances of boredom massive. Utilizing current industrial robots for such chores is not a feasible solution. They lack a tactile sense. Their precision is only at a large scale. They are no safety designs. This is where Collaborative Robots or Cobots step in to save the day.

Cobots are specifically created to work alongside humans. Even in the shared work environment, cobots are perfectly safe for human employees. The concept behind collaborative robots is simple. They become an extra employee who takes over monotonous tasks or lifting heavy payloads which the operator is free for other more complex jobs.

The Perks Of Choosing Cobot Intel For Techman Cobots In The USA

Cobot Intelligence offers a four-pronged benefit to your business.

Experts & Support

With experience under our belts, Cobot Intel is an expert in motion solutions. From the implementation stage to the after-sales, our experts are at your beck call to answer all question.


The world of technology changes in the blink of an eye. Cobot Intel stays at the upfront and keeps you abreast of any technological advancements making their way through the United States.


Before offering a cobot, we conduct a feasibility study. It ensures that the right cobot is installed in the correct application without disrupting your production.

Cutting Edge Solutions

We offer to any business in the USA, state of the art motion and automation solutions. Every cobot and accessory we distribute is the best in class.

Got Questions About TM Robots In the USA? FEEL FREE TO DROP US A MAIL OR GIVE US A CALL!

The Techman robots Cobot Intelligence offers to customers in the USA are ideal partners for all tasks ranging from scanning barcodes to sorting packages.


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  • Cobots are as safe as houses.

    Our cobots come with in-build sensors that detect motion or force. The sensors stop the cobot or slow it down, automatically. Thus, avoiding any harm or injury to the operator at hand. It makes cobots utterly safe in a work environment shared by humans.

  • Collaborative Robots are moveable.

    Unlike conventional industrial robots, cobots can be moved from one location to another with ease to work on another production process. It is as easy as plugging in an appliance.

  • Cobots are programmable.

    Using specific applications, cobots can be taught through demonstration specific tasks and routines. They are easy to program. Moreover, cobots are versatile enough to perform varied tasks. From assembly to installation, from tool grippers to an operator’s extra hand, from unloading to loading, cobots can do it all.

  • Collaborative robots are pocket-friendly.

    When compared to other robots available to businesses in the USA, cobots are much cheaper.


World’s first collaborative robot with built-in vision.

To the USA, Cobot Intel offers the Techman Robot series TM12 and TM14. The cobots have a superior vision technology with a payload capacity of 12 and 14 kgs. Perfect for more substantial work, they have more power and broader range than ever imagined.

Considered as the most powerful cobots presently, our cutting-edge solutions are ideal for even the toughest industry in the United States. The incredible strength of TM 12 and TM 12 makes them the quintessential cobots for packing heavy payloads. An example of their power is palletizing large items or loading goods to a machine.

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