Why cobots from collaborative robot dealers are used

Collaborative Robots DealersThe trends in the use of collaborative robots are shaping up of late. Eventually, many significant distinctions might interest you. Some users buy these cobots as these are easy to use and integrate without any complicated programming background. Also, there are global companies that incorporate these cobots as they help liberate a lot of time. Talking about the latter, the main concern for the companies will not be the programming or integration issue but the question of picking the right application that saves energy, time and money on a large scale and the ability to automate the tasks.

Once the global companies resort to use cobots made by the best collaborative robot manufacturer‎s in their team and identify the applications that these robots can do, it is quite common to delve further into the process. Practically, having a general overlook of these robots will give more detail about the use of these cobots and help develop an understanding that will structure the project.

Cobots from collaborative robot dealers are better than industrial robots.

A mere comparison between collaborative and industrial robots will not give you clarity regarding the winner and loser. The choice depends on the applications that you subject the robots to. But the hardware and software aspects of these two types of robots are entirely different.

Talking about industrial robots, these are not designed to provide safety. Industrial robots are robust, fast and repetitive but cannot work alongside humans in most scenarios. In some cases, safety guarding is needed in place. They feature rectangular shaped parts with pinch points and exposed motors. Most robots do not feature force sensing, and they cannot identify when they hit something. The collaborative robot manufacturers use classic programming or coding methods to program these robots.

When put to use in a huge plant, the integration of industrial robots become complex. In some cases, the production lines will need a switch, and it becomes essential to rethink the position and purpose of the machines. This is why industries choose to use cobots for complex tasks.

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Why choose collaborative robot dealers for industries

The collaborative robot manufacturer‎s make cobots that are designed to work along with humans. Unlike industrial robots, these are made of round shapes. There are no or limited pinch points, and all are integrated into the frame. The cobots have force sensors embedded at the joints to feel force applied by any source. And, these robots can be programmed via hand guiding. The cobots can be integrated at the already existing workshops sans significant modifications.

Global companies prefer cobots over industrial robots for the following reasons.

  • Economies of sale
  • Global impact
  • Ability to manage complexity
  • Motivated workforce
If you understand these differences between cobots and industrial robots, then you will be able to take a call on which application needs which type of robot. Drilling further into cobots, there are several types of these robots, and each one has different specifications that depend on your application.

FAQs to ask collaborative robot dealers before buying a cobot

Cobots from Cobots IntelEven after knowing an idea of what the collaborative robots are, it is essential to get all your doubts clarified before implementing a cobot at your workplace. There are several aspects such as vision systems, safety features, force-torque sensors and more that come to play while making a decision. The other aspect to know is the success story of those who have already worked with a collaborative robot. You probably aren’t the first one to use the cobot so look for case studies from other users and get an idea from their feedback.

Also, make sure you ask the collaborative robot distributor all the questions that are in your mind. Analyze the payload, repeatability, speed and IP rating of the robot to get an idea of it. Remember to know your needs before choosing a cobot. The other factor to consider is the price variations between various regions so you should ensure to make the right choice.

When you choose a collaborative robot, make sure to keep the choice simple. It is enough if the robot does the intended task correctly. You can show its capabilities to your workforce so that they get a better idea of its functionality for future applications.

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