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Leading Distributor of TM Grippers for your Automation Needs

Enhance TM Robot Performance with Grippers

With our passion for excellence and innovation, Cobot Intelligence emerges as the Technology partner in providing robust, safe and intelligent collaborative robots solutions for your industrial needs in US and Canada. Our expert team has thorough understanding about the different Grippers available in the market. With recent advancements in the field of End Effectors, Grippers come in a variety of styles,namely Angled, Parallel or 3 finger,and with a range of power options including pneumatic, hydraulic or electromechanical. Keeping up with emerging trends and developments, Cobot Intelligence has partnered with leading End Effector manufacturers in US and can guide you in selecting the right gripping tool for your industrial automation process.

Collaborative Robots Gripper

Gripping Modules distinguished by Quality and Precision

Cobot Intel is the authorized distributor of TM Robots in Canada and the USA. We are experts in training and supplying TM Robots as per the industrial requirements and also servicing TM Robots at our centers in the USA and Canada

Portfolio of Grippers : Intelligent - Robust - Precise - Modular

Certified distribution partners for onRobot, Weiss Robotics, Robotiq & Zimmer Group


RG Grippers

Grippers on collaborative robots

Weiss Robotics

Gripkit Series

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Adaptive Grippers

Collaborative Robot Gripper


HRC Grippers

Safe & Sensitive TM Cobot Grippers for Reliable, Cost Effective Industrial Automation Solutions in Canada

Empower your Collaborative Robotic Arms with the Intelligent & Sensitive Grippers. Expert Technical Team At Cobot Intelligence Inc, will be assisting you to choose among the Pneumatic , Hydraulic or Electric Grippers

Turnkey Gripping Solution in Canada for Industrial Automation

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