All about cobots dealers and growing need for Cobots

Cobot Suppliers - Cobot IntelCobots are the latest robotic system in this generation. Cobots are a collaborative robot which has a capacity of learning multiple tasks to help human beings. Cobots dealers design models with specific applications or processes in mind. The Cobots works side by side a human and learn to work on tasks through demonstration and reinforcement learning. The cobots provide the worker with an extra pair of hands. Cobots are currently used in many industries includes manufacturing, supply chain management, and healthcare. The cobots are a realistic option for small and medium-sized businesses. Cobots are widely used for different purposes like cutting, lifting, shaping, polishing, sanding and packing.

Cobots are easy to program, fast to set up, flexible and safe. No experts are required to set up and operate cobots. They are virtually plugged and play. These are easily programmed through a tablet or by adjusting the cobot’s arms. The setup time for cobot is done in just a few hours when compared to that of traditional robots.

Traditional robots being bolted to the floor and deployed for a particular application, but the Cobots are mobile and flexible. They can be easily redeployed to support new and multiple applications. They can sense obstacles and adjust their speed or reverse to avoid crashing.

Classification of cobots given by cobot dealers

Collaborative robots market takes more opportunity of making cobots to a higher level and for creative functions. Here are some of the ways cobot are used:

  • Hand guiding
  • Power and force limiting
  • Safety monitored stop
  • Speed and separation monitoring

A hand guiding cobot is a device at the end of its arm to sense the pressure sensitivity. The human operator teaches the cobot to hold the object and move fast without getting damaged. In power and force limiting, the cobot can sense abnormal in its path. It has the power to stop all movement or reverse it to avoid impact. These are specially designed to collaborate with humans.

In safety monitored stop operation, the cobots work independently. When the human interferes, the cobot can sense the presence of the human and stops the motion until the worker is moved away from the safety zone. The speed and separation monitoring cobot slows down and track the human’s location. When the human is too close, it will stop all movements.

Cobot Intel is the authorized distributor of TM Robots in Canada and the USA. We are experts in training and supplying TM Robots as per the industrial requirements and also servicing TM Robots in USA and Canada

The major role played by cobots from cobot dealers in companies

Robots by Cobot IntelSeveral companies are using cobots as they are of less expensive and help in improving efficiency in their businesses. Cobots eliminate dangerous jobs for workers as they have a capacity of working in hazardous environment. They are capable of lifting heavy loads and toxic substances. They can do repetitive tasks for a long duration. Cobots automate the applications throughout the production and save your time and money. In the Ford Fiesta plant in Germany, the factory workers and cobots are teamed together for assembly lines to install shock absorbers in cars. The cobots carry shelves of goods to Amazon associates to produce for shipment. The cobots can finish the task in 15 minutes that used to take an hour.

In online supermarkets, the cobots move around and get the products. The human pickers need to fill the order and stay in a place. The cobots continue to work with humans and become the standard for better performance. There is an increasing trend of cobots as they increase export opportunities and surge in demand from the metal processing industry. Recently, scientists and cobot manufacturers are overcoming with many engineering challenges. The advancement in artificial intelligence has lead to the development of domestic and commercial collaborative robots.

Notable uses of cobots by cobot dealers

Cobots are the collaborative robots intended to have physical interaction with humans in a shared environment. They assist the humans as a guide in a specific task. Cobots support and stress-free the human operator of his excess work. The use of cobots in manufacturing, health ware, warehousing, and logistics are growing as a part of the industrial transformation. The key advantages of cobots are compactness, lightweight nature, accuracy and safety along with zero yearly maintenance costs, reduction in power consumption. Cobots are designed for working with employees and not a replacement to them. They transfer the ways we work and manufacture. The man-machine combination creates magic. Never fear of the bots. Cobots can be our best friends.

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