Robot sales up by 7.2% in H1 2019 in North America

The field of robotics has witnessed great success across the world. As a result, robots are used by numerous industries for various purposes. Recently, The Robotics Industries Association announced that the robotics market has witnessed high sales in the first half of this year. As per the announcement, the North American market saw an increase in robotics sales by 7.2% in the first half of 2019 as compared to the same period in 2018. Notably, North American companies ordered 16.488 robots worth $869 million, announced the group.

The largest driver of robotics sales and the increased growth of the same is the automotive industry. Well, the automotive OEMs exhibited an 83% increase in the number of units ordered. Comparatively, other industries scuh as semiconductor, life sciences, and food and consumer goods ordered 12%, 8% and 3% units in the same period. On the other hand, a few other companies witnessed a drop in the number of robot orders. To be precise, metals, plastics & rubber, automotive components, and other industries dropped robot orders by 11%, 8%, 6% and 4% respectively.

Robot sales in North AmericaIn the second quarter of the year, 8,572 robots worth $446 million were ordered, states the Robotics Industries Association. This represented a growth rate of 19.2% in terms of the number of robots and represented only a 0.6% surge in value as compared to the second quarter of last year. Also, the second quarter performed quite well as compared to the first one of this year, notes the report. Notably, the first quarter performance in terms of orders was slightly lower than that of the first quarter of last year. It is evident that the growth of robots is increasing due to technological advancements in the world. Eventually, U.S. companies have started using robots widely for various purposes.

As the use of robots continues to surge, it is not only simplifying things but also creating new job opportunities and making companies competitive. Going by the Robotics Industries Association, currently, the industry is experiencing a great time. It is touted to be the greatest period of expansion in the use of robots ever in history. Comparatively, over 180,000 robots were shipped since 2010 to the American companies and over 1.2 million manufacturing jobs were created at the same time. As development in robotics is happening at a steady pace, we can expect the same to increase in the years to come.


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