Brands - Igus

These all-in-one convenient kits are combo solutions of secure mounting brackets with a high-caliber triflex® cable management system for TM collaborative robots. Each kit comes with nearly 100 triflex® TRE cable carrier links, hook/loop/plastic mounting brackets, a strain relief bracket, lock clips and assembly tools.

Triflex® R - Series Cable Management System comes with :

  • Multi-axis movement – facilitates cable routing around complex geometric shapes.
  • High-tensile force absorption with the ‘ball and socket joint’, enabling smooth movement in all axes
  • Easy opening mechanism – for faster filling and replacement of cables or hoses
  • Space-saving installation
  • Easy to lengthen or shorten


  • Hook and Loop Brackets
  • Budget-friendly mounting with hook and loop on the sides of the robot and cable carrier
  • Available for 30mm and 40mm


  • Light-weight plastic brackets for cable carriers
  • Available for 30mm and 40mm


  • Protected Plastic Brackets
  • Safe and secure brackets with round edges
  • Available for 40mm

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