Why should you invest in collaborative robots in Canada

TM Collaborative Robots used in manufacturing industryCurrently, in the manufacturing industries, robotic automation has created a buzz. Eventually, robotic technology has penetrated into many sectors than ever before. Also, there has seen an exponential increase in the robotic shipments that were made to non-automotive industries. It is natural for those who are new to the field of robotic automation to raise a question if it is important to invest in the budding technology. Well, if you are confused about investments in robotic automation, then you should know that it is a big and important decision to make.

Firstly, it is important for a business owner to understand the goals that he or she wants to realize, the economic reasons and advantages of incorporating robotic automation before investing in the same. Before you invest in collaborative robots that are much safer than conventional robots, you need to go through some aspects to make sure you take the right decision.

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Goals of investing in cobot market in Canada

There are many reasons why you should invest in the collaborative robots market. Basically, for those in the manufacturing industries, the cobots will help in many ways. Also, it will resolve the most pressing issues that businesses face including,

  • Productivity and throughput
  • Floor space
  • Labor costs
  • Product quality
  • Product and process waste
  • Safety

By investing in robotic automation, the manufacturer can take the operations to the next level, enhance the profitability and increase the competitiveness.

Benefits of cobot industry automation in Canada

When it comes to the benefits of investing in the collaborative robots market, you should know that repeatability and reliability are the major benefits of implementing robotic automation. On a daily basis, the cobots work continuously and night also. Moreover, these robotic solutions do not take frequent breaks and you will be distracted but there should be occasional maintenance to ensure the downtime needs maintenance. Even the uptime is enhanced drastically with the use of cobots. These robotic solutions are highly precise and bring a new level of consistency that we have never seen before in the production process. Eventually, the product quality is improved to a great extent.

The other benefit of robotic automation is its traceability. Usually, robots of any kind will have the capability of capturing data either at the production level or for a detailed analysis of varied processes. This type of data collection has decided to facilitate ongoing productivity improvements that help maintain high levels of productivity and accelerate higher return on investment.

Though reliability, traceability and repeatability are the key advantages of the collaborative robots over the normal processes, there are other benefits as well suggesting why you should invest in the same when automation gives a tough challenge.

Points to know before investing in collaborative robots in Canada

Collaborative Robots used in manufacturing industryIt won’t be an exaggeration to say that collaborative robots have grabbed the attention of manufacturers, be it small or medium to incorporate them. But this is one of the largest customer bases across the world. As the growth has been remarkable, the cobots are expected to grow by over 60% this year and represent nearly 30% of the industrial robots within a decade. But before investing in the cobots for your manufacturing unit, you need to keep a few factors in mind. Though cobots make it beneficial for users, it is easy for you to get blinded due to the buzz they had created. So, analyze if you really need one as discussed here.

Firstly, modes of collaboration are important. These are power and force limiting, safety-monitored stop, speed and separation monitoring and hand guiding. The next stage is to define your application. You should not invest in a cobot and type to squeeze the collaborative robot into the same. The other one is to carry out a risk assessment. There are speculations that risk assessment is not needed to invest in a collaborate robots market. You need to take all the details into consideration including peripheral equipment and tooling.

You need to accept the fact that calculating the ROI is not advisable. The companies that want to attempt this move will leave an impact on their reputation. By definition, the cobots are meant to walk slowly and do the same topic repeatedly for safety concerns.

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