Cobots features on the Robot Report February 2019 issue

The Robot Report provides technology, engineering and business professionals with breaking news, independent analysis, product information and in-depth research. Their articles, downloadable reports, webinars, and print supplements focus on all aspects of commercial robotics solutions such as development, integration and use cases. It covers a range of innovations in the fields of intelligent systems and robotics such as research and breakthroughs from research institutions and universities. It tracks technologies including imaging systems and sensors, grippers and manipulators, motors and actuators and development tools.

At ‘The Robot Report’, they follow machine learning and artificial intelligence as these are relevant to robotic actuation, cognition, navigation, mobility, and human-machine interaction. They analyze developments in collaborative and industries robots, drones, mobile platforms, service robots, and autonomous vehicles across several markets such as healthcare, supply chain, and manufacturing. In the February 2019 issue, The Robot Report featured a special section dedicated to cobots. Here is a breakdown of cobot topics covered in the issue.

NVIDIA Lab for Collaborative Robotics: The Robot Report takes readers inside the first full-scale robots research lab of NVIDIA, which was opened in Seattle. The lab carries out breakthrough research to facilitate next-generation collaborative robots.

Swedish Machine Shop using cobot cell: A case study featured by The Robot Report February 2019 edition is that of a Swedish machine shop that deploys cobot cell to boost capacity. It examines how universal robots help produce FT Produktion and save almost 500 hours in the manufacturing of 150,000 parts.

Advances in machine manipulation: The task of robotic grasping is evolving continuously and is diversifying in response to widespread applications. The Robot Report notes that there are six recent advancements in machine manipulation and examines the same.

Reinforcement learning for industrial robotics: The hype about reinforcement learning related to robotic applications has a legible motivation. However, it is not the only ingredient to assure success, notes Siemens’ Juan Aparicio and Dr. Eugen Solowjow, the co-authors.

Adoption of automated bin-picking: As per Eric Truebenbach, Teradyne’s director of corporate development notes that a truly universal bin-picking system is a requirement. It should be usable by non-experts and should be quickly configurable. Also, it should provide path planning without much tuning. Moreover, an automated bin-picking system should be cost-effective as well.

Novel applications get automation benefits: The Robot Report notes that cobots bring automation to novel applications. Cobots are coming to applications such as operating rooms to greenhouses. Some unconventional examples of how cobots serve across other industries besides manufacturing are machine tending and pick-and-place operations.

Notably, The Robot Report introduced in 2008 by Frank Tobe, a veteran in the robotics industry was acquired by WTWH Media LLC in 2017. WTWH Media is the producer of an international event, Robotics Summit & Expo. It helps robotics engineers learn how the latest techniques and tools help them design, manufacture and manage intelligent systems and robots. The conference features keynote sessions by leaders in the industry, networking receptions, expert sessions and panels. It also includes demonstrations and exhibits from key robotics suppliers, career-development opportunities, and hands-on workshops.

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