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Basler Cameras – Machine Vision For Techman Cobots

Robots have become an integral part of industrial automation. Robots get to see, thanks to accurate machine vision systems. Robot arms achieve high-precision gripping and positioning with the help of integrated cameras that guide them accurately.

Basler Cameras are best-suited for your techman cobots. Basler offers

  1. High-precision images
  2. Greater frame rates
  3. Compact, light-weight design
  4. Cable lengths up to 100m
  5. Superior shock-resistance

Basler range of Cameras For TM Robots

Basler Ace  

  • Compact, cost-effective, high performance
  • Suited for space-saving placement
  • Lighter for installing in the robot arms and movable machines

Basler Dart

  • Flexible and USB3 Vision standard compliant
  • Exceptional cost/performance ratio
  • Low power consumption, low heat generation

Basler ToF

  • VGA resolution for 3D imaging
  • Multi-part image with 3D and 2D in one Shot
  • Powerful machine vision capabilities

Basler Pilot

  • Slim design
  • Up to 5Mp resolution, max 210 fps
  • Stable housing for easy integration

Basler Cameras – Robotic Applications

Pick and Place Operations

In warehouse control, positioning parts on conveyor belts, sorting operations and packing and pelleting.
 Cameras Used – Basler Ace, Basler Dart, Basler ToF

Measuring and Quality Control

Monitoring product characteristics like size, position, etc. during every stage of production
Cameras Used – Basler Ace, Basler Dart, Basler ToF, Basler Pilot

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