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Get faster, easy programming for Techman Robots with Automappps. Automappps is a group of software tools that takes care of fast and easy offline programming, reactive robot programming, and bin picking. This versatile software offers zero/low-code programming. Automappps accelerates robot programming in comparison with traditional OLP or teach-in methods. Automappps robot programming software finds application in processes such as sanding, grinding, polishing, surface activation, deburring, welding, inspection, and quality control, to name a few.

Automappps OLP – Features That Set Apart

  • Fast and Easy robot programming
  • Semi-automated process planning
  • CAD-based robot programming and CAD to Path
  • Embedded process mapping, with WYSIWYG simulation
  • Automatic motion planning and collision avoidance
  • Intuitive editing
  • Multi-Robot Simulation

The Automappps Advantage

Effort and Cost-Savings

  • Fully/partially automated programming and scheduling
  • CAM Support
  • Lower costs of ownership

Ease of Use

  • Software with embedded process knowledge Programmable by non-experts too

Reduced Test Runs

  • Process quality is predictable
  • Automated optimization

Reduced cycle-times

Adaptive production lines

  • Adaptive to new products
  • Automatic accelerated programming
  • Ideal for different lot size, including

Line tracking and Multi-Robot Cell Tracking

  • No special hardware required
  • Multi-robot collision avoidance and motion-planning

Cost-effective modular cell layout

  • Faster cell layout validation
  • Automatic robot motion planning
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