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Cobots have taken over the industrial robots but have limited mounting options for attachments, posing a challenge for routing to tools when required.

The Flexible Holder System (FHS) For TM Robots

The Flexible Holder System (FHS) from Murrplastik Systems has the solution.FHS allows cables and protective hoses, to be safely secured to the robots. The FHS fits on any surface, flat/conical, on corners, and other different surfaces with different dimensions. Maximum Flexibility – With two bodies, allowing three different types of attachments and velcro strips of varying lengths, it enables safe, easy-to-install and flexible energy supply


The FHS with System Holder is used for

  • Guiding and stabilizing limited power supplies, Low-medium traversing speed
  • Sliding or fixed mounting on cable protection conduit


The FHS with a one-piece universal holder has a captive clip, enabling protective tube replacements in no time.


Facilitates fastening of cables and protective tubes directly into the robot arm.

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